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  • Loft Conversions

    Our professionals convert lofts from storage spaces to fully functional rooms.

Why would you convert a loft space?

A loft conversion renovates an old or empty attic or loft into a functional space. This can be designed as a new bedroom, gym, home recording or artist's studio, or simply a more efficient way to store your belongings.

A modern and sleek loft space is also sure to attract potential buyers if you were looking to sell your property. Our experts will follow any ideas you may have and can offer advice and tips where necessary.

  • Create a new room

  • A bedroom with a view of the stars

  • Private social or hobby spaces

  • Move a function to the loft area

  • Open out downstair spaces

  • Free up property space elsewhere

  • Make space for a growing family

  • Increase your property valuation

  • Improve selling power

  • Add a private office

Operational Excellence

When we convert lofts, our professionals ensure that your loft is insulated and fully plastered in order to keep the room warm, and to entirely decorate the room if needed. 

We also offer services to renovate and kit out your space with inbuilt cupboards and storage spaces or even carpeted floors. Our professionals can make sure that your needs have been implemented and that your space looks perfect for you to use.

Our team are highly skilled tradespeople, adept and qualified to undertake construction projects, as accredited by City & Guilds and NVQ.

Our professionals have years of experience ensuring that lofts are fully converted and renovated. We are dedicated to creating new and up to date spaces from old attics, designed to the individual's needs, like a new living room or bedroom for example.

Our team have installed completed many loft conversions and can implement and manipulate your space to align with your own specific vision.

We aim to keep our online portfolio of projects up to date in the hope our completed projects speak for themselves. 

Whether you are a homeowner, investment or management agent, we treat every customer with the same level of commitment and every project with the same passion for perfection. We hope you find this evident in our portfolio provided for your review.

We know reputation matters. With experience in all areas of construction, every aspect of our projects are completed to the same high standards for complete peace of mind.

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